Welcome to Monday


This was it. This album was the end of the Summer Set Era. Their plans were to release one more album that they were not in love with soley to please the fans for a final goodbye. One last album, one last tour. But, lead singer Brian Dales, wasn't satisified. He didn't want it to be the end. That night after the decision he went home to write the comeback single of the year, Figure Me out. And he did indeed figure himself out. He realized they weren't in love with music anymore because they were in it for the wrong reasons. They had to fall in love with the music again. And then find themselves as a band again.

Not only did the fall inlove with their music when they were writing the music, they wanted this album to 100% come from them. They decided to produce the album themselves so this was 100% what they wanted it to be and no one can turn it around on them. And their method worked. Fearless Records gave them creative control over what this album was going to be. And it worked out in their favor by it being their most personal album yet.

Right after the album came out, they went on the Stories for Monday Tour. They made sure to stay to their roots and pick smaller venues with the cities that showed the most interest in the band since the beginning. Each date something special too it. No two shows were the same except for the fact that the album was played in it's entirty with older songs mixed into it. But, Dales once again made sure to give back to the people that got them through the rough patches and stood by them from the last album. He went into the crowd every night to sing and dance with fans. Aside from this, they also met all the fans after the show.

With Warped Tour right around the corner from these guys, they are still promoting the album hardcore to their fans. They want everyone to see how they grown since the last album. Even so, since tgey fell out of love with the band at some point they want to show those people that they've grown up. They stepped out of what society wanted them to be. They accepted that they are more than a pop band and more than a punk band. That they really don't have a place in the music world. And, they're okay with that. They also want to reach out to the people that feel like they don't belong in this crazy world.

As previously mentioned, The Stories For Monday Tour was supposed to be the farwell tour for The Summer Set. Knowing so, it was their best and most successful tour yet. If you didn't get the chance to see them on that tour, you have another chance, you can go to The Vans Warped Tour the last two weeks and either see them for the first time back to their roots, or see them again in a different atmosphere. This show will be less personable, but like I said, this is where they came from and who they are. Either way, you see them in a whole new light. If you haven't yet, check out the new album and know all the words when you see them on tour this summer!

Stories For Monday is available here